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Electromagnetic fields enter eyeballs and stimulate retina and synapses. Physics so far. But the inside of the brain is a dark room and the images we see are projections onto a canvas. This canvas is the conciousness. This canvas is the world outside. Reality-TV.


Should we consider logic as a function or a build-in capacity of our neocortex? Or as result of brain chemistry? What happens to logic when our brain dies?


If someone experiences multidimensional realms of complexity and energy, maniac and unbelievable creativity and beyond that the enigma of an unexpressable singularity of light and love, it will be explained by science as an illusion caused by altered brain chemistry. So to say: the reality of an illusion.


Defining consiousness as emergent function of neurons in the sense of a hardcore-materialism is not that significant.


What is awareness? What is the difference to the notion consiousness? Are both simply functions of living brains? How can a brain create such an immaterial thing?